All of our programs are delivered thorugh the Base 1520 app. We are tyring to make exercise simple, not stressful. No matter your fitness level, we have a program for you. 


Out of shape? Have trouble putting your socks on? Struggling with pain or immobility? This is for you. We designed this program for the person who is starting from scratch. Let us help you go from the couch to different countries. People are in desperate need of the Gospel. Get up, now!!!! and get at it so people can experience the same grace that you have. The transformed you starts today!!!


Maybe you are not a career missionary going to the Himalayans but also not a first timer. This program is designed with you in mind.
* For someone who has 2-5 years of consistent training exposure
* Focuses on movement competency with a barbell as well as basic movement patterns
* This will guide you through Lower Split and Upper Push/Pull progressions
* Focused on Increasing readiness for higher skilled movements used in the advanced program.
* Aerobic capacity increase with cyclical training from multiple modalities and progressive volume building (You will be able to breathe better!!!)


This isn't for the faint of heart. This is for the guy or girl that wants to push themselves to their limits. To literally prepare their body to go to the ends of the earth. This program is designed so that anyone and everyone can hear the Gospel.
* 5+ years of consistent training through progressive overload, described movement patterns, and aerobic volume
* Splits into Lower & Upper Builds
* Higher volume aerobic training to build capacity through multiple time domains
* Enhanced recovery practices and higher skilled movements for more fine tuned training doses

Elevated (Coming Soon)

(For those who will be preparing for elevated areas) 
* For Those with minimal gym exposure/training or after a long hiatus
* Lift 3-4x/week through frequent progressive overloads
* Aerobic Base built through cyclical movements in mostly Zone 2 and Zone 3 heart rates.


No equipment, no problem! This 4 week progression will send you on your way to bodyweight awareness and mastery!

Strength (Coming Soon)

 * 2-5 years of consistent training exposure
* Movement competency with a barbell and basic patterns.
* Lower Split and Upper Push/Pull Progressions
* Aerobic capacity increase with cyclical trining from multiple modalities and progressive volume building.