The 1520 experience serves as a rigorous 5-day evaluation, a genuine measure of your character. It won't be an easy or pleasant journey; instead, it will propel you beyond your perceived limits. Yet, aside from the mission of spreading the Gospel globally, it promises to be the most gratifying event of your life. This challenge encompasses every aspect of your being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


The "1520 Experience" is held in Baton Rouge, La. Get ready for the hot and humid climate of south Louisiana. 


Baton Rouge, La

For humid and hot climates
(Sept - 2024)

La Barge, WY

For elevation and cold weather Advanced
(TBD- Spring and Fall 2025)

The First 96

During this phase, candidates will engage in hands-on classroom learning and apply acquired skills in the field. The focus will be on Land Navigation and Survival training, emphasizing safety and survival for missionaries operating in remote areas. Participants should be prepared for outdoor sleeping, land navigation using maps and compasses, and the ability to sustain themselves in the wilderness.

The Final 24

The concluding 24 hours represent the pinnacle of challenge for candidates. This segment of the training, crafted by former Special Forces Soldiers, is a relentless "gut check" designed to push participants to their limits. Additionally, candidates will gain valuable insights from an optimization workshop. They will leverage our cutting-edge performance panel, akin to those used by elite forces, to identify weaknesses and enhance overall performance. Every participant will receive detailed feedback on nutrition and performance, empowering missionaries to fulfill God's work by spreading the gospel without exposing themselves to harm.