Base 1520 Studio Subscription


We understand that not everyone is equal when it comes to fitness levels. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we have a program for you.

This package gives you access to all of our programming. (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Minimalist)
Along with programs, you will have access to a metric tracker that allows you to see your progress. Access to a nutrition tracker that lets you record what you eat so that you can stay the course. Access to community forums where you can share ideas, progress, recipes, etc with other people just like you. 

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Base 1520 Personal Training


Maybe you need encouragement and accountability. Maybe you have great intentions but simply just don't know what to do. We got you covered. This package gives you access to one of our expert coaches who will design you individualized programs. They will assess where you are and what you need and build you the perfect program for your needs.

What's included:

  • Your own personal coach
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Sleep Education
  • Metric and Nutrition trackers.
  • Spiritual Disciplines assigned and accountability
  • Access to our Studio Programs.
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Base 1520 Cognitive Recon Course

$50/month (3 month program)

This is the course that sets 1520 apart from every other fitness program. We are not just focused on the physical but the mental as well... our Clinical Field Director, Dr. Rikki Permenter, has taken her 15 years of counseling experience, her expertise in trauma, emotional resilience, and missionary care and jammed packed it into a 3-month cognitive reconnaissance course.

What's included:

  • 3 months of daily assignments from one of our Clinical Field Director.
  • Videos, evaluations, assessments, questionnaires, surveys, writing & journaling prompts, guided reading through 3 books
  • Access to our Base 1520 studio library

Some people spend years in counseling in order to retroactively identify triggers, we have expedited the process into a 3 month field manual to help you preventively identify your own triggers and begin the process of healing. This field manual will give you daily assignment and tasks that will allow you to explore the inner workings of your own mind. This guide allows you to create your own field manual for cognitive reconnaissance. This manual will help you developmental stamina and resiliency so that you can be the most effective while serving in the mission field. Our hope is to be preventative in cultivating a midset of resiliency that is built on the foundation of your own past experience and cultural context.

Even if you are not currently an active missionary, we believe this will still greatly benefit you and we highly recommend all to participate in this course. Our Clinical Field Director, Dr. Rikki, owns a private practice counseling center that specializes in Missionary Care. She supervises other counselors and trains them to become mission-minded and able to appropriately understand missionary culture (yes, this is its own thing all together).

You can check her out at

Note: to complete this 3-month course well - you'll need a journal (any kind you choose - digital or paper) that will serve as your field manual to document each day's assignments - we recommend a full page sized one as you'll need the space and you may want to print some items from the assignments to add to the journal and work through by hand, 3 books (we recommend getting these guys in paper copy, but ebooks will work - you'll want to write in these, take notes in them, or even gift them to others who you want to grow in the same ways you are), and pens or pencils of various colors (only for those of you who are about that kind of organization when it comes to the maps you'll create).